Double Cheeseburger Car Seat Cover

Seat People Hamburger Car Seat Cover

Anyone want to cover their car seats with a cheeseburger?


  • Durable Neoprene Material
  • Fade Resistant/Water Resistant
  • Machine Washable
  • Easy Install
  • Universal Fit

[Image: Seat People]

Hamburger Bean Bag Stool


Another sweet hamburger based char/stool , this one from Urban Outfitters.

* Hungry?

* Super comfy bean bag in a playful hamburger shape
* A touch of whimsy charm for any area
* Soft n’ cushy construction
* A fun conversation piece
* 31.5″ diameter

* 21.5″h

[Image: Urban Outfitters]

Inflatable Hamburger Chair

Found online and sent in my May L., here is the best inflatable chair ever.


“It’s shaped like a delicious hamburger, but no, it’s a portable inflatable chair. Crafted out of highly durable, 100% polyester fabric, this extremely comfortable seat includes its own hand pump to inflate as you see fit. A hamburger? Now that’s what we call an inflatable chair.”

[Image: Fab]

Hamburger Table

Sweet hamburger table by Derek Erdman, sized 48″x20″.

[Image: Derek Erdman]

Hamburger Clock Desk Set

Become the envy of the office with this executive looking hamburger and fries clock set.


Hamburger Furniture Set

Found and sent in by friends Chuck and Bev, this Hamburger Set by Mauricios Furniture features a a kid’s toy box and stools. If I got these as a kid, I would have been pretty hyped… ([])

[Image: Mauricios Furniture]

Jumbo Hamburger Pillow

Yet another version of the hamburger pillow. =)

[Image: The Home Textile]