Bacon Insider Burger + Win a T-shirt & Gift Cards

Do you love bacon? Then you’ll probably want to try the Bacon Insider Burger from Jack in the Box. I was lucky to try one for free and was pleasantly “baconfied”. It features a juicy beef patty with savory bacon pieces mixed right in, sandwiched in-between six half slices of hickory smoked bacon, and topped with a creamy bacon mayo sauce. And if that’s not enough, you also get lettuce, tomato and American cheese- all severed on Jack in the Box’s new gourmet brioche bun. While my burger doesn’t look like the one from the commercials, it still was pretty good and likely a hit with bacon lovers.


As with other specials, Jack in the Box has released a cool promotional campaign for this burger with the fun interactive website. Make sure you stop by and play the “Bork Blaster” video game, where you play as “Bork” the Pig-Cow mascot, shooting bacon at regular burgers to change them into Bacon Insiders.


They also released a cool bacon burger themed t-shirt (which I got as well) and you can WIN one here along with $30 Jack Cash with this simple contest. Just leave a quick comment below on why you love bacon to enter (US only). Stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook too,  as there will be more opportunities to enter! Entries by midnight March 24th, winner announced March 25th!

**Mar 28 – Congrats alternate winner @tv_television (IG)!


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[Disclaimer: Our Jack Insider Burger was purchased via Jack Ca$h Cards provided for free via Jack in the Box. All opinions are our own. Most Images: Jack in the Box]

Hamburger Frisbee Game


hamburger frisbee

Here’s a fun lil game that also helps promote a cool product called the “GasGenie”, which alerts you when you are low on propane gas for your grill. How many burgers can you toss on the grill before you run out of gas?



Burgerang – Video Game

Check out this Burgerang – Mad Burger Attack video game for your mobile device.

The Burger Rebellion has began and only you can stop this madness. Toss special boomerangs to beat all sorts of crazy burgers and protect yourself from this tasty assault. Well, we all knew this day would come — burgers just couldn’t be so delicious at no cost!

Mad sandwiches of all sorts to beat: the CONGA burger, the CHA-CHA-CHA chilli beef, the PSYCHIC veggie steak, the TIPSY meal, the frightening DOUBLE and TRIPLE cheeseburgers and more!

And don’t let the special power-ups slip away! Blow everything up with BOMBS, chill the burgers with ICE FROSTING and give your boomerang a boost with some MUSHROOM magic.


Burger Joint Card Game


Here’s a card game for the burger lovers out there from Rio Grande Games:

In this two-player game, each player runs a chain of fast-food joints: one specializes in burgers and the other in pizzas. As each expands, he takes on some of the menu items of the other in order to compete for customers. Later, each can open family restaurants and even high-class dining establishments. The most successful chain will win in the end!

Number of players: 2
Age of players: 13 and old
Length: 30 – 45 minutes

[Image: Amazon]

Supersize Puzzle



Got one of these sets for this past X-mas… Who’s ready for a 1000 piece puzzle that will make you hungry while assembling it?

[Image: Hobby Lobby]


Burger Crazy Chef Game


crazychef1 crazychef2

Check out this new tablet game called “Crazy Burger Chef”:

“It’s Burger Time! Kids get to play burger chef and make some homemade burgers.
With dozens of toppings and buns to choose from as well as sauces, cheeses, spices and condiments, this epic burger chef app is fabulous!

Grind up the meat, add spices and special ingredients to flavor your patty. Slather sauces on your burger fingerpaint- style for extra flavor. Get busy with some homemade french fries! Chop up the potatoes and pick your shape – funny faces, crinkly or zig zag – you choose.

Now it’s time to flip & fry your patty, but be careful not to burn the burger! An awesome feature has kids flipping their device, which activates the flipping of their burger.
A happy face will appear when it’s perfectly cooked. Next up, a batch of fantastic french fries in fun, cool shapes. Then it’s time to choose from 30 buns for the burger – silly faces and crazy shapes, sauce up the burger with loads of options and choose from several drinks.”

[Images: TabTale LTD]


Burger Panic Cooking Game

Anyone play this game yet?

Burger Burger Pocket


Has anyone played these game before?

From Wikipedia:

“Burger Burger (バーガーバーガー?) is a business strategy video game of the hamburger business, developed by Rytmix and published by Gaps, which was released exclusively in Japan in 1997, for the PlayStation.

Burger Burger Hamburger Simulation is a Japanese simulation game in which the player is the owner of a hamburger chain.

The game was very popular in Japan, and a sequel, Burger Burger 2 with many improvements and new features was spawned in 1999. There were also two releases for the Game Boy Color: Burger Burger Pocket (1999) and Burger Paradise International (2000). All these three games were developed by Biox”.

Catburger Video Game at Giant Robot Biennale 3

Checked out the Giant Robot Biennale 3 at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles over the weekend and saw this art exhibit/video game by Jeni Yang and Beau Blyth. You compete against a partner as cats trying to collect parts of a burger. First to “grab” 10 items wins! See more info at Jeni’s Blog –

Balancing Burger Game

Anyone played this game yet?

“Build it tall, don’t let it fall. Players take turns rolling the die and adding ingredients according to the number rolled. The higher the burger the harder to add ingredients without making the burger fall.

The wobbly plate is placed in the center of the table and the bun is put on it. Now players take turns rolling the die and adding ingredients according to the number rolled. The higher the burger is built the harder it is to add an ingredient without making the burger fall! Contents: 14 burger parts, game die, and plate.”

[Image: Amazon]

Sponge Bob Patty Panic Game

Like Sponge Bob? Then check out this game similar to “Burgertime”.

[Image: Nickelodeon]

BBQ Blitz – Burger Boardgame

Check out this review for the BBQ Blitz boardgame from Time To Play:

“BBQ Blitz is a game about matching and building burgers. The first player to fill his or her plate wins. The game’s box doubles as the game board. The bottom of the box is designed to look like a barbecue grill. To start, each player gets a plate and a spatula. Each plate shows a different topping for the burgers: ketchup, mustard, cheese, or pickles. You’ll need to pay attention to what topping is on your plate. Place all the burger patties and buns face-down on the grill. Players grab their spatulas and race to flip and find the burger patties with the toppings that match their plate. Once you find all your burger patties, race to top them with a bun. Be the first to fill your plate with matching burgers—and buns on top—to win.

BBQ Blitz comes with 16 burger patties (four ketchup, four mustard, four cheese, and four pickle), 12 buns, four spatulas, four plates, and a game guide. The game is for two to four players.”

[Video: Time to Play]


Sky Burger iPhone Game

Got an iPhone/iPod/iPad? Then here’s a cool burger based video game. And better yet, its free! Stack your burger as high as you can and make some money.

[Image: itunes]

Beastie Burger Video Game


“You play as Raoul, a dog boy, trying to make a living in Monsterville as the finest burger vendor that ever lived. Cook your way to victory by making the correct burgers for your customers. Earn your reputation to enable you to work in more prestigious locations throughout Monsterville.”

[Image: Kongregate]

Mr. Wimpy Hamburger Game

Anyone remember this game for the Commodore 64?


Burger Jack Video Game

Created by PlayBerries for the Xbox Live Indie Games, Burger Jack looks to be a “Tapper” type game where you serve burgers to hungry customers.

“Are you ready for a rush hour frenzy at the local diner? Burger Jack is a fast-paced, casual arcade game suitable for all ages. Serve customers as fast as you can, and help the teenage boy, Jack, earn money to buy the gadget he’s been dreaming about.”

Check out the trailer:



Archie & Jughead’s Burger Time

What would happen if Archie and Jughead had starred in an 8-bit video game? Chris Sims from Comics Alliance created imagined a game like “Burger Time”.

Check out the full article and other great comic/8-bit crossovers here:

[Image: Comics Alliance]

Hamburger Stacking Puzzle

Need a last minute educational Christmas gift? You might be able to get this puzzle in time?

[Image: Friendly Mantis]