Cheeseburger Shoulders Dance

Did you know there’s a dance called the “Cheeseburger Shoulders”? Apparently it’s a hip hop “wacking” style. Learn to do it here, then show off your moves and make people hungry at the discoteca.



Navika Hamburger Glitzy Ball Marker with Hat Clip

This one is for all the golf and hamburger fans out there. You can now mark your spot with this cool looking hamburger.

From Amazon:

  • Made with Heavy Glitter
  • Magnetic Hat/Visor Clip Included
  • Exclusive Navika Trademark Designs
  • Makes a Great Gift or Tee Prize
  • Mark You Spot Add Some BLING to Your Golf Game

[Image: Amazon]


Saenz Hamburger Skateboard

From Sugar Skateboards comes this signature design for Mario Saenz. Perfect to do some kick-burger-flips. ([])

[Image: Sugar Skateboards]

New York Mets Plush Hamburger Man

The MLB Playoffs have started. Is your favorite team vying for the championship? I’m not sure what the New York Mets have in common with hamburgers (other than they probably serve them at the game), but someone has created this plush hamburger man.

[Image: Toys R Us]

Pocket Pistols Burger Skate Deck

Here’s a gnarly burger themed skate deck for throwing down those “burger”-flip-kicks.

[Image:Concrete Disciples]