Furry Doggie Burger


Here’s another doggie toy in the shape of a furry burger, found by my mom at Petsmart.

Fast Friends Burger Scented Vinyl Dog Toys

From Amazon:

Big Burger Drive Through

Get those kiddies ready! ([])

From Amazon:

Product Features

  • This 4′ Burger Stand features a drive up window with roll down flaps and an awning
  • Front entrance has swinging double doors with realistic plastic handles
  • Graphics on inside include a menu on the back wall or you can make you own menu and place in the clear plastic pocket
  • Shock corded pvc poles make for easy set up and storage


[Image: Amazon]

Smiling Hamburger Dog Toy


Here’s another hamburger for your doggie.

“The squeaker dog toy features the smiling hamburger shape. Made of high-grade vinyl material, the dog chew toy is chew-resistant. The dog chew toy is a gift and tasty for your dog.”


[Image: Hi Home Decor]



Burger and Lemonade


From lexikm on Etsy:

“This polymer clay set of a cheeseburger and lemonade has been painted with acrylics and glazed in a matte finish. The height of the lemonade is approximately 1 inch, with the diameter of the burger being about 0.75 inches.

The reason why these exist is unknown. Meaningless doodling often leads to a weird idea for me, such as a glass of lemonade with a strange face. Then the lemonade is lonely, so he needs a cheeseburger, who would be a pretty crummy companion if he didn’t also have a face. And so the duo is born.”


[Image: lexikm]



Cheeseburger Cat Toy

Turn your cat into a cheeseburger lover wit this cat toy found online by May L. on Fab.com.


[Image: Fab]

Hamburglar Bobble Head

From Amazon:

  • Grubble, Grubble.
  • He’s cool, swift, and out to swipe your hamburgers!
  • Funko brings the lovable McDonald’s Hamburglar to bobble head life.
  • Approximately 6″
  • made of resin


[Image: Amazon]