Burger Music: Goin’ Hamburger by Glass Popcorn

Doug is Hamburger Boy

Remember Doug from the Nickelodeon cartoon show? Well click on the link for a fun clip of him as “Hamburger Boy”.


[Image: Nick.com]


The Pink Panther Wants to Buy a Hamburger…

Ha ha! ([])

Mish Mash Burger Cartoon

Here’s a little cartoon about a kid going out to get a burger created by artist Clémentine.


[Video: Bupla]

Dancing Hamburger

Who remembers this classic burger scene from the movie “Better Off Dead”?

Abed’s Hamburger Shirt

Found on the character Abed, here is a t-shirt with a large hamburger print on it. Abed is one of the characters from the TV show “Community” on NBC. You can watch this recent episode currently on HULU: Community – Season 3, Episode 10.

[Image: NBC]

Grover Serves Up A Big Hamburger