Fast Food Paintings – Art Show

Stopped by the Blackstone Gallery last night during the monthly Downtown Los Angeles Artwalk and checked out the “Fast Food Paintings” exhibit. Artist Mr. Lets Paint AKA John Kilduff, created an installation based on a fast food restaurant and had a bunch of burger paintings displayed all around. I still think my “Knuckle Sandwich” burger is better though =).

Bacon Double Cheeseburger Graffiti


My friend Christine C. of San Francisco sent in this photo of hamburger graffiti she saw. Thanks! ([])

Gingerbread Burger Drive-Thru

Have you checked out Betsy’s daily project? She is basing her project around “Pin-Up” art and has created this “Gingerbread Retro Drive-Thru” for the holiday season. What else would this drive-thru serve besides Gummi Burgers! Make sure you check out her website for more photos of this as well as other cool images from her project.

[Image: Betsy Van Deusen]

Stained Glass Burger

Cool stained glass burger design by Melanie Lecointe. This is one Burger365 idea that I had wanted to do, but did not get around to it.


Pictures from Burger365 at Cement Studio

For those who missed it on Friday, here are a few photos from the Burger365 installation at Cement Studio in Los Angeles. This and Post Humanity was a great event. Big thanks to Ramichael, Emily, Maria, and Jino for making it happen.


Post Humanity Art Show + Burger365 at Cement Studios

If you are in the Los Angeles area, please come check out the “Post Humanity” art show at spaceLUNA, opening tomorrow night June 1st at 7pm. Myself and a bunch of other talented artist are showing new work:

Imagine a place that holds you like a blanket, providing warmth on cold nights and housing light within darkness and solitude. In a world of chaos, imagine a place with less conflict and more appreciation for the surroundings we inhabit.  On June 1, 2012, 7:00PM, spaceLUNA Art Gallery opens a group exhibition to reveal the differences that are our similarities.  By understanding human endurance, resilience and creativity awakens the spirit.  What happens when benevolence ends, but the passion and drive for survival linger in the human mind? 
“Post Humanity” presents a moment to embrace rebirth.  The exhibit showcases the new works of emerging artists throughout the Los Angeles County.  Embracing the diverse creative outlets that bind artists together, the many art forms (3D, culinary, graphic design, fashion design, illustration, painting, photography, sculpture, street art, visual and mixed media) will allow and encourage the viewer to discover the irony that occurs in daily life and the commonalities we in fact hold. By utilizing the elements and themes of water, wood, and metal, artists incorporate their medium to acknowledge the physical, cultural, and political environments.

2404 Wilshire Blvd Suite 1B
Los Angeles, CA 90057

As an added bonus, there will be a Burger365 display upstairs in the Cement Studio in collaboration with the show! If you ever wanted to check out any of the pieces from the project, this is the first opportunity to do so. ([])

Cross Stitch Burger Necklace

Not just an ordinary necklace, this one features burger cross stitching.

[Image: StitchSwitch]

Saenz Hamburger Skateboard

From Sugar Skateboards comes this signature design for Mario Saenz. Perfect to do some kick-burger-flips. ([])

[Image: Sugar Skateboards]

Fast Food Wallet

Tasty looking wallet from brand The Walart, found on Karmaloop:

Curb you cravings with this greasy number. Heart attacks have never looked so good. 
+ 100% Recyclable 
+ Water / Tear / Stain Resistant 
+ 100 % VEGAN 
+ Light Super slim and expands with use 
+ 2 Card Pockets 16 + cards 
+ 1 Bill compartment Holds all currencies 
8″ W x 3″ H / 20cm W x 7.5cm H

[Image: Karmaloop]

Another pair of burger socks

Not totally sure why burgers and feet are a good mix, but here is another pair of burger socks from Lazy Oaf.

[Image: Fab]

Hamburger Earphone Plug

Here’s an interesting hamburger item. It is a plug for your earphone hole when you don’t have headphones plugged into your item. A cool way to spruce up your ipod/iphone/etc. with a hamburger! ([])

[Image: FreshFactory on Etsy]

Julius Likes Hamburgers

From the Facebook page of Paul Frank today, here is a picture of Julius enjoying a hamburger.


[Image: Paul Frank]


Hamburger Puzzle by Akio Kamei

Great puzzle by Japanese puzzle maker Akio Kamei, this hamburger puzzle measures 11x11x10cm.

Profile from his website (

“Akio Kamei has taken the beautiful and traditional Japanese secret boxes to a new and higher level. His original and ingenious designs often require the solver to use the principles of physics to open them. The exquisite craftsmanship and beautiful woods make each one a work of art. Puzzle collectors from all over the world eagerly await each new Kamei puzzle. Often collectors travel from Europe and America to Japan to obtain the latest Kamei puzzles. His trick boxes are the best that the world of puzzles has ever seen.”


Hamburger Outfit on Korean TV Show

Check out this outfit from a Korean TV show…

From PopSeoul.wordpress:

“What looks more delicious- the delicious burger on the left or the hamburger oufit worn by Goo Hye-sun, star of “Boys over Flowers” on January 20th.

The hamburger outfit was worn by character Jan-di while frolicking on the beach with her BF Goo Jun-pyo (played by Lee Min-ho)”

Here’s another photo I found online


Bob the Chili Cheeseburger Costume

We’ve seen regular hamburger costumes before, but this one goes a step further by adding chili. Let’s hope its doesn’t make a mess. ([])

[Image: Cowan Costumes]

Retro Hamburger Radio

Too bad they don’t make radios like they used to.

[Image: Vintage Looks]

Double Hamburger Magnet

From Jack’s  Back for Seconds Store:

“This is a colorful new magnet made of a soft pliable rubber material and it depicts a luschious looking hamburger with all the garnishments on it! Great for a magnet collection! LQQK!”

[Image: John’s Back for Seconds Store]

BBQ Blitz – Burger Boardgame

Check out this review for the BBQ Blitz boardgame from Time To Play:

“BBQ Blitz is a game about matching and building burgers. The first player to fill his or her plate wins. The game’s box doubles as the game board. The bottom of the box is designed to look like a barbecue grill. To start, each player gets a plate and a spatula. Each plate shows a different topping for the burgers: ketchup, mustard, cheese, or pickles. You’ll need to pay attention to what topping is on your plate. Place all the burger patties and buns face-down on the grill. Players grab their spatulas and race to flip and find the burger patties with the toppings that match their plate. Once you find all your burger patties, race to top them with a bun. Be the first to fill your plate with matching burgers—and buns on top—to win.

BBQ Blitz comes with 16 burger patties (four ketchup, four mustard, four cheese, and four pickle), 12 buns, four spatulas, four plates, and a game guide. The game is for two to four players.”

[Video: Time to Play]