Bacon Insider Burger + Win a T-shirt & Gift Cards

Do you love bacon? Then you’ll probably want to try the Bacon Insider Burger from Jack in the Box. I was lucky to try one for free and was pleasantly “baconfied”. It features a juicy beef patty with savory bacon pieces mixed right in, sandwiched in-between six half slices of hickory smoked bacon, and topped with a creamy bacon mayo sauce. And if that’s not enough, you also get lettuce, tomato and American cheese- all severed on Jack in the Box’s new gourmet brioche bun. While my burger doesn’t look like the one from the commercials, it still was pretty good and likely a hit with bacon lovers.


As with other specials, Jack in the Box has released a cool promotional campaign for this burger with the fun interactive website. Make sure you stop by and play the “Bork Blaster” video game, where you play as “Bork” the Pig-Cow mascot, shooting bacon at regular burgers to change them into Bacon Insiders.


They also released a cool bacon burger themed t-shirt (which I got as well) and you can WIN one here along with $30 Jack Cash with this simple contest. Just leave a quick comment below on why you love bacon to enter (US only). Stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook too,  as there will be more opportunities to enter! Entries by midnight March 24th, winner announced March 25th!

**Mar 28 – Congrats alternate winner @tv_television (IG)!


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[Disclaimer: Our Jack Insider Burger was purchased via Jack Ca$h Cards provided for free via Jack in the Box. All opinions are our own. Most Images: Jack in the Box]

Bacon Double Cheeseburger Graffiti


My friend Christine C. of San Francisco sent in this photo of hamburger graffiti she saw. Thanks! ([])

Burger #260 – Bacon Bits

Meat week is real.

Have you heard of the wondrous event called “Meat Week“? Starting yesterday, Meat Week celebrates – what else – meat, with eight full days of meat eating. In recognition, here is the bacon bit burger.

Check out more information from the Meat Week website:

  • Schedule:

    The Captain & First Mate publish a list of 7 different BBQ restaurants in their city. 8 Nights, (Sunday through Sunday) 7 restaurants, (both Sundays take place at Sonny’s). In places without Sonny’s, we celebrate the last night with a BYOBBQ at a gracious Meat Weeker’s home, so everyone can pick up food from their favorite restaurant or grill their own.

  • Best-Of’s:

    Each captain organizes the voting for their own city, usually rounding up votes for the following categories: Best Sauce, Best Service, Best Sides, Best Atmosphere, and Best All-Around. To maintain a certain level of fairness, only those who have attended 4 nights or more are asked to vote.

  • Meat Week Honors:

    Awards chosen by the leaders for those who have a special place in this year’s Meat Week. These are usually different each year. Years past have included an award for the person who came every night or the one who had to walk the farthest to enjoy meat. Your best Meatographer might also receive an award. These are presented, along with the Best Ofs, on the last night.

  • Meatography:

    A picture is taken of each individual person who attends, each night they attend. There is also a group photo taken beneath the restaurant’s sign each night. Check out the gallery archives for entertaining, sauce-stained poses.

  • Hype Week:

    During the week leading up to Meat Week, those involved in and those excited about the coming meat storm create graphical and video meat-hype that is plastered about the Internet to warn others that “Meat Week cometh.”

Want to join in the all the festivities? Find your local Meat Week chapter and start eating some meat.

(Sorry to the all the vegans/non meat eating people out there … maybe you can start a “Non-Meat Week”?)

Burger #163 – Painted Pig

That’ll do, pig. That’ll do…

Here’s a little painted piggy for today’s burger.  Aren’t pigs great?  They make great bacon for burgers.  Bacon makes everything better.  ([])