365 Days of Balloons


Much like my “Burger365” Project, graphic designer Meghan Coleman is attempting a 365 challenge of her own with Balloon Animals and day 59 was this Balloon Cheeseburger. Check out all her other creations so far at http://365days-of-balloons.tumblr.com/ and cheer her on as she still has over half a year to go.

[Image: 365days-of-balloons]


Fast Food Paintings – Art Show

Stopped by the Blackstone Gallery last night during the monthly Downtown Los Angeles Artwalk and checked out the “Fast Food Paintings” exhibit. Artist Mr. Lets Paint AKA John Kilduff, created an installation based on a fast food restaurant and had a bunch of burger paintings displayed all around. I still think my “Knuckle Sandwich” burger is better though =).

Cheeseburger & Fries Cake Tutorial


Here is another amazing Cheeseburger Cake with Fries from The Designer Cake Company, who also provide a tutorial for sale for those who want to attempt it:


Have you created a Hamburger Cake? If so, we would love to see your photos, so send them in to everythingburger “at” gmail.com.

[Image: The Designer Cake Company]

Bacon Double Cheeseburger Graffiti


My friend Christine C. of San Francisco sent in this photo of hamburger graffiti she saw. Thanks! ([])

All You Can Eat Art Exhibit


My friend Jeff C. of Monrovia sent in this info on graffiti artist Tilt’s exhibition entitled “All You Can Eat”, featuring this cheeseburger image. Does Tilt have other burger related artwork in the exhibit as well? Check it out at the Fabien Castanier Gallery, now through Feb 17th, 2013.

[Image: Fabien Castanier Gallery/Tilt]

Gingerbread Burger Drive-Thru

Have you checked out Betsy’s daily project? She is basing her project around “Pin-Up” art and has created this “Gingerbread Retro Drive-Thru” for the holiday season. What else would this drive-thru serve besides Gummi Burgers! Make sure you check out her website for more photos of this as well as other cool images from her project.


[Image: Betsy Van Deusen]

Burger Art from “Fat & Furious Burger”

Check out these great Burger Artwork/Photographs from the website http://fatandfuriousburger.com



[Images: Fat & Furious Burger]

Hamburger Statue

Check out this cool hamburger statue in South Korea:

“A collection of sculptures found near BEXCO and the Museum of Art, Busan’s Olympic Sculpture Park pays homage to the city’s involvement in the 1988 Summer Olympics and provides a place to check out some bizarre modern artwork. ”


[Image: busan.for91days.com]

Hamburger Mascot Costume

Here is another Hamburger Costume. He sure is super happy to be a hamburger. ([])


[Image: dhgate.com]


Mutant Wood Burger Bunny

Last month, Joe Ledbetter released the Mutant Burger Bunny Print.  Now, in collaboration with Secret Fresh, The Loyal Subjects have created this wood version of the “Burger Bunny”.

Check out the full article here at Vinyl Pulse.

[Image: Vinyl Pulse]


Bonus Burger365 – Chewbacca

Here’s another burger that I created for Star Wars Remix.  In hindsight, I should have used a Boca Burger patty to create “Chew-Boca”. Oh well…

Once again, make sure you check out Star Wars Remix every Tuesday and Thursday, as they reveal the latest creations. Submit your own piece as well! ([])

New to the site? I created 365 other pieces of burger artwork as well.

Burger Wooden Idol Statue

Found by Jason K. of Santa Clarita at “some fair”, here is a neat looking Burger Wooden Idol Statue.

Bonus Burger365 – Star Wars Jawas

Have you seen Star Wars Remix yet? This website celebrates the Star Wars universe by featuring non traditional “artwork”, similar to some of the things I was doing for Burger365. Anyone can submit a Star Wars themed piece by “remixing”  the world around them.

I was honored when Skull-A-Day‘s Noah Scalin asked me to submit a few pieces as part of the Star Wars Remix launch.  Of course I had to create some Bonus Burger365 pieces and came up with these “Jawa Burgers”.

Make sure you check out Star Wars Remix every Tuesday and Thursday, as they reveal the latest creations. You can also submit your own piece as well! ([])

(It’s not a burger, but I also created this Twist TIE Fighter for the site, which was inspired by the Twisty Ties Burger.)

Burger Dunny

Not sure why I haven’t posted this before, but this awesome Burger Dunny comes from artist Mike Davis:

I guess Kidrobot liked my hand-painted Burger Dunny enough that they had me redo the art for a mass-produced 3″ vinyl toy. This was part of Dunny Series 4, which also featured designs from renowned toy designers and artists Huck Gee, Shane Jessup, Sket One, Tara McPherson, and many others.

[Image: Twelve Car Pileup]

Skull Appreciation Day

Today, June 4th, is the first annual Skull Appreciation Day.

Let’s celebrate here by taking a look back at the Burger365 “Skull Burger” with a couple of different photos.

The “Skull Burger” placed in the Top 10 of the Designers Skulls 2010 contest.


Also, be sure to check out the Skull Quilt swatch, which will be on display at Gallery5 in Richmond, Virginia with a bunch of other great skulls. http://www.gallery5arts.org/Current_Exhibitions.html

Dessert Burgers by Yara

Check out the great “Dessert Burgers” from fellow 365’er Yara, sent into us from Noah of Skull-A-Day and Make Something 365.

Yara is part of a 365 Creative Creations project and for Day 100, she created these yummy looking “burgers”.

See more and follow here progress here: http://www.projectyara.com/2011/04/365cc-day-100-100/

Burger365 for Skull Quilt Project

Here is my contribution to the Skull Quilt Project for Skull Appreciation Day mailed off today.  I reworked the image from the Burger365 – Oil Painting to include a human skull overlayed on top of the burger skull image. The finished quilts will be shown in a gallery with other skull artwork and sales will go towards a great charity. If you’re in Richmond from June 3rd to July 8th, be sure to check out the exhibition.

Skull Quilts.
curated by Skull-A-Day editor Abby Davis

These quilts will be auctioned off and all proceeds will be donated to DC charity Becky’s Fund, which helps survivors of domestic violence.

Spongebob Burger Pillow

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob “Burger” Pants! Here he is, as a plush pillow.

Get it:  http://www.spencersonline.com/product/m-spongebob-burger-pillow/

[Image: spencersonline.com]