Burger #342 – Marshmallow Peeps

Welcome to the “Peep” show…

Peep peep! When Easter time comes around, candy, such as these Marshmallow Chick and Rabbit Peeps, become very popular. They sure are tasty, until you eat one too many. At least you can always use the extra ones for “Peep Jousting“. Now, who’s waiting for the after Easter candy sale? ([])

Can’t get enough Peeps? Check out some amazing Peep art here.

Burger #208 – Candy Canes

“Cane” you eat it?

With Christmas a few weeks away, the markets are stocked up with candy canes and other holiday treats.  I wonder who would be able to finish this candy cane burger in one sitting?  Who made cane shaped candy in the first place anyway?  ([])

Big Burger Marshmallow Candy

From the Mega Mallows series by The Foreign Candy Company, here is the Big Burger:

“This is one BIG Burger. A large, lifelike sesame seed bun holds together a marshmallow patty and a giant slice of cheese!  Can you fit it in your mouth?”

There’s still time to get these for Halloween.

See more at www.foreigncandy.com/megamallows.html