Burger #81 – Munko

Munko X Everything Burger

David Choe is a Los Angles based visual artist with an interesting style that one could even call deranged.  If you were able to check out his gallery show a few months ago at Lazarides in Beverly Hills, you would probably know what I mean, but his stuff is definitely cool.  In the center of the gallery, was a huge blow up version of one of his creations, a whale like creature called a Munko.

Now, these Munko creatures are being released as vinyl toys.  In honor of this, Upper Playground is holding a contest where one can win a the complete set of figures.   The challenge is to submit a David Choe centric piece of artwork.

Of course I just had to submit a burger themed entry, so I came up with Munko X Everything Burger drawings.

Make sure you check out the contest here: http://www.upperplayground.com/david-choe-munko-contest

and “Tweet” /”Facebook Share” my submission as well: http://www.upperplayground.com/david-choe-munko-contest/munko-x-everything-burger