Android Toy Double Double Hamburger

Andrioid Toy Hamburger

This Android Toy Double Double Hamburger is coming soon! He is part of the Android Series 4 Toy series and this sneak peek was just released today by designer Scott Tolleson.

[Image: Dead Zebra Inc.]

Burger #364 – Oil Painting

“That’s what a hamburger’s all about”

Based on an In-N-Out “Double Double”, here is an oil painting in the style of the classic “Skull & Crossbones” image. This is the first in a possible series of other fast food “Skull & Crossbones” designs. Only one “burger” left until the project is complete. Make sure you check back tomorrow and celebrate with me. ([])

Amazing In-N-Out Burger Cupcakes

Check out these amazing In-N-Out inspired cupcake burgers created by my friend Stephanie’s friend Tim’s wife, Stacie Tamiko Chan.  She entered an won a “Best OC cupcake” contest.

Stacie says, “The bun is yellow cake from a box mix. The lettuce is actually coconut shreds dyed with green food coloring. The tomato, cheese, and onion are made of marshmallow fondant. and the hamburger patty is a brownie.”

Here’s the happy husband, who gets to enjoy these cupcakes as well as other treats, I imagine: