Burger Crazy Chef Game


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Check out this new tablet game called “Crazy Burger Chef”:

“It’s Burger Time! Kids get to play burger chef and make some homemade burgers.
With dozens of toppings and buns to choose from as well as sauces, cheeses, spices and condiments, this epic burger chef app is fabulous!

Grind up the meat, add spices and special ingredients to flavor your patty. Slather sauces on your burger fingerpaint- style for extra flavor. Get busy with some homemade french fries! Chop up the potatoes and pick your shape – funny faces, crinkly or zig zag – you choose.

Now it’s time to flip & fry your patty, but be careful not to burn the burger! An awesome feature has kids flipping their device, which activates the flipping of their burger.
A happy face will appear when it’s perfectly cooked. Next up, a batch of fantastic french fries in fun, cool shapes. Then it’s time to choose from 30 buns for the burger – silly faces and crazy shapes, sauce up the burger with loads of options and choose from several drinks.”


[Images: TabTale LTD]


Hamburger Hunter for iPhone/iPod

Check out this just released iPhone/iPod Touch game called “Hamburger Hunter” from Navigation-Info Kft.

“People cry for help because the world is overrun with revived hamburger and hot-dog monsters.
Destruction and the desperation reign over countries and cities, when someone comes into sight from a dirty passage of a ruined city, a little boy to pay off with hamburgers once and for all. He is just running and shooting the monsters while he is growing up from a little boy to an action hero, the Hamburger Hunter!”

Haven’t gotten a chance to try it out yet, but with guns and hamburger monsters what’s not to love.  Plus right now, it’s completely FREE!

Download it here on iTunes:


[Image: iTunes]

Cheeseburger iPhone?

Check out this nifty iPhone cheeseburger case, based on the Hamburger Phone.

From Recombu.com:

“Never fear! As always, the internet to the rescue! Flickr user UnsureShot decided to throw together a homemade cheeseburger phone case as part of her Hallowe’en costume this year, and has been generous enough to share a step-by-step guide.”

See the full article here: