Burger Dunny

Not sure why I haven’t posted this before, but this awesome Burger Dunny comes from artist Mike Davis:

I guess Kidrobot liked my hand-painted Burger Dunny enough that they had me redo the art for a mass-produced 3″ vinyl toy. This was part of Dunny Series 4, which also featured designs from renowned toy designers and artists Huck Gee, Shane Jessup, Sket One, Tara McPherson, and many others.

[Image: Twelve Car Pileup]

BFF Burger Vinyl Toy

If knives and burgers were really best friends, one wouldn’t stab the other with itself. (Found by J)

Available from the Best Friends Forever series, but blind boxed, so you’ll have to get lucky, although the other ones are pretty cool too:


Burger #289 – Bub Vinyl Toy

It’s Bub-ilicious!

Introducing “Burger Bub” from the Kid Robot Do-It-Yourself Mini Munny Vinyl Toy collection. These little guys are great to customize and people create some amazing characters. Check out Freehand Profit’s Bub for Mask365. ([])

Custom Labbit Book

Labbit customizer Motorbot, has released a new book, featuring his Burger Labbit on the cover.  It’s called “I Like To Eat” and shows off his great customizing skills.

More info and photos here at Kidrobot:


[Image: Kidrobot]

Thoughts in Jeremyville Cheeseburger

Cute mini vinyl figure from the “Thoughts in Jeremyville” series by Kid Robot.

“From love and money to death and cheeseburgers, each 1-inch musing from the Thoughts in Jeremyville runs amok through the mind of Australian artist, Jeremyville.”

Get ’em here at kidrobot.com

[photo: KidRobot]


Labbit x Burger

Artist Frank Kozik does it again with his Kid Robot Labbit series.  These labbits are soft vinyl toys with interchangeable mouth pieces.  This particular one has the best option of a Burger!

Other options it comes with are a mustache, zipper and legs (as if he is swallowing someone).  Check out the different versions and other cool stuff at the Kid Robot Store. ([])

Found Burger: Kozik Monger

I mentioned Kidrobot during yesterdays blog about the Disney Vinylmation. Well here is a “Found Burger” from May Lynn of  BreadsGoneARye: Frank Kozik x Kidrobot hat.

This is from Kozik’s Monger vinyl toy series, which is a bunch of characters that are smoking.  Check out the actual toy of the burger named “Fat Louie” which I ended up picking up as well.

There is a bunch of different characters from a Ham to a Baseball, etc, but of course, this one is the best! And remember kids, don’t smoke, cause smoking is bad for you. ([])