What’s in a McDonald’s hamburger?

Have you ever wondered what kind of beef McDonald’s uses in their hamburger? What about the “pink slime” that was all over the news? Also, what’s up with the McRib?

In an effort to become more transparent with their consumers and provide heath awareness, McDonald’s started a campaign called “Our food. Your questions.” Throughout the campaign, anyone can ask McDonald’s questions concerning their products and they will respond. There are already a bunch of informative YouTube videos online (hosted by Grant Imahara from Mythbusters), that answer the questions so far.

Check out this one about what kind of beef they use:

Do you have questions you would like to ask McDonald’s? Have other comments or concerns regarding their products? Visit their campaign website here:


OR feel free to contact us at Everything Burger and we will forward anything towards them! This is definitely a step in the right direction in spreading health awareness within the fast food industry. Campaigns like these should only help open dialogue between consumers and retailers to bolster the creation of healthier meal options.


Burger #328 – French Fries

Would you like fries with that?

Forget “Peas and Carrots” or “Peanut Butter and Jelly”, the best food pairing is “Burger and Fries”. Of course, using these McDonald’s French Fries, I had to create an image of their signature Big Mac. The hardest part about this one was not eating all the materials before it was complete. ([])

Burger Profile: Mayor McCheese

Here’s another burger character from McDonalds called Mayor McCheese.  A cheeseburger for a head?  I wonder what he thought when he saw people eating other cheeseburgers?  Did he eat cheeseburgers as well? Wouldn’t that be really strange?

From Wikipedia:

“Mayor McCheese was an enormous cheeseburger who appeared from 1971–1985, he has a burger for a head, and sports a top hat, a diplomat’s sash, and a pair of pince-nez spectacles. He is portrayed as a giggly, bumbling, somewhat incompetent mayor.”

Unfortunately, Mayor McCheese is no longer with us.  Maybe The Hamburgler got him.

Burger Profile: Don Gorske

Who is Don Gorske you ask?  Don Gorske is know from eating over 23,000 McDonald’s Big Mac hamburgers ( I suppose he completed Big Mac 365).  He’s been in the Guinness Book of Records, featured in two documentaries (“Super Size Me” and “Don Gorske: Mac Daddy”) and is the author of the book  “22,477 Big Macs”.Burger Profile: Don Gorske

Its pretty crazy that he has eaten so many Big Macs and has no health concerns.

From Wikipedia:

“In 2003, Don Gorske ate 741 Big Macs, an average of 2.03 Big Macs per day. Gorske is 6 foot 2 inches tall, 185 pounds, and claims a cholesterol level of 140. His claimed average daily consumption of two Big Macs amounts to 1,080 calories, according to the nutritional information published by McDonald’s; this does not take into account his energy intake from fluids. The USDA recommends about 2,200 calories per day. Gorske consumes mainly calorie-rich food, but he maintains a stable weight by eating fewer calories than the average American.”

Here’s an interesting health article on Don at 180 Degree Health.

Burger Profile: The Hamburglar

From Wikipedia:

The Hamburglar was a pint-sized thief who first appeared in March 1971 and one of the first villains on the commercials, he is dressed in a black-and-white hooped shirt and pants, a red cape, a wide-brimmed hat, and red gloves whose primary object of theft was hamburgers.

Check out this vintage McDonald’s commercial – Everything the he touches turns into a cheeseburger… awesome!