Chicken Burger USB Port


Brando created this Chicken Burger USB port a while ago, but didn’t come across it until now. What if you attached multiple USB Burgers into it or the USB Burger Handwarmer too? Mindblown… =p


Giant Ceramic Hamburger Container

Another hamburger find on Etsy:

“This is a made to order ceramic hamburger container that can be used as both decorative or functional. It is lidded with the lid on the bun part with a handle.

These burgers are really colorful and a great conversation starter in any room in the house.

You will notice there is a large burger as well as a small one in the picture. The large on is 12″ wide by about 8″ tall and the small one is slightly larger than an actual sized hamburger.They are fashioned out of terracotta clay. The technique is a combination of wheel thrown and hand built.”

[Image: angelacrabtree]


Hamburger Brain Teaser

Do you think you can solve this Hamburger Brain Teaser and put the burger together?

[Image: Acalliz]

Hamburger Ring

Another cool hamburger ring on Etsy.

“This is a hamburger that is fresh off of the grill and being prepared to eat. It has cheese, onion, tomato, and a pickle, all inside of a sesame seed bun! It’s not everyday that you see a person walking around wearing a hamburger on their finger, so you’ll be sure to stand out! 🙂

The ring measures just less than 1 inch in diameter.”

[Image: Sweet Clay on Etsy]

Sponge Bob Hamburger Candle

Yup, Sponge Bob still loves those burgers…


[Image: Candyland Crafts]

Patty Power Figure

Delicious hamburger figure named “Patty Power” by Super 7:

“An interstellar traveller with places to go, Patty Power is the cheeseburger of your wildest dreams.”

[Images: Super 7]

Hamburger Balloon Animal

Awesome balloon “animal” created by Smarty Pants Big Balloon artist. What a great party favor for the burger lovers out there…

[Images: Smarty Pants Balloon Blog]