Burger Music: Goin’ Hamburger by Glass Popcorn

Top Posts 2011

Happy 2012 everyone! 2011 flew by just like that. Are you wondering what the most popular posts were for the past year? Here are the “Top 10” by “Number of Views” for 2011.

#1 Burger #365 – Cake 3657 Views
#2 Bonus Burger365 – Chewbacca 1943 Views
#3 Burger Profile: Wimpy 1148 Views
#4 Burger #357 – Mom Heart Tattoo Design 971 Views
#5 Burger #158 – Melted Crayons 919 Views
#6 Burger Profile: Jughead Jones 908 Views
#7 Amazing In-N-Out Burger Cupcakes 775 Views
#8 Burger #3 – ASCII 638 Views
#9 Burger #351 – Flip Flops 552 Views
#10 Burger #270 – Andy Warhol Style 476 Views

Thanks everyone for checking out this site and following along. For 2012, I’m planning on scaling down a bit, since it’s definitely getting tougher to find more good burger content (and PostADay2011 is complete). Look out for updates every Monday (except tomorrow), Wednesday, and Friday with occasional goodies spread in here and there. Hopefully this will allow me to spend more time on creating better content. Le’ts make 2012 another “Year of the Burger”! ([])

Hamburger Airstream

Wouldn’t it would be great to see this Airstream coming down the street…

More cool painted stuff here:


Airstream (kitchen) trailer painted to look like a hamburger. 2004 photo: Victoria Sebanz

[Image: Ankrom.org]

Hamburger Ear Buds with Matching Pouch

Here’s another set of music ear buds for those who like sticking hamburgers in their ears…

Found at Hot Topic … again.


Hamburger Cavey

What is a “Cavey” you ask? Caveys are little plush, handmade, collectible guinea pigs created by “A Little Stranger” in the UK.

We saw this lil’ hamburger guy at Designer Con in November, and of course had to share him here.

For more info on Caveys, check out the website here:  www.heycavey.com

Hugo, the Lost Hamburger

Hamburgers can get lost? I’m sure he would find a home inside someone’s belly real quick…

From Amazon.com:

Hugo was once a mascot steak sitting on the windowsill of a butcher’s shop in New York City. His job was simple: Sitting pretty and doing his very best to entice customers to the shop. He was made employee of the year, year after year and this made Hugo very arrogant. He wanted to venture out and see what the city has to offer. He felt that he would be better off elsewhere, he was much too good for Mr. Rosalby’s butcher’s shop. One day, through the cruel hand of fate, he found himself transformed to a hamburger and lost in the city! We see the start of his adventure in the city. Has Hugo finally found happiness being on his own in the Big Apple? Or was the grass greener on the other side?


[Images: Amazon.com]

Jumbo Hamburger Pillow

Yet another version of the hamburger pillow. =)


[Image: The Home Textile]