Supersize Puzzle



Got one of these sets for this past X-mas… Who’s ready for a 1000 piece puzzle that will make you hungry while assembling it?

[Image: Hobby Lobby]


3D Hamburger Puzzle


Here is a really cool 3D Hamburger Puzzle, which I think is better than the Burger365 Puzzle:

Put 53 interlocking pieces together to form everyone’s favorite hamburger. Tender beef patty, sliced pickles and melted cheese…

Please note you can not eat this even if you feel hungry.

Find it here:

[Image: Puzzlemaster]

Burger #338 – Puzzle

Falling to pieces…

Remember the burger image created out of many puzzle pieces? Well this simple burger puzzle would be a lot easier to put together. ([])

It looks like some mischievous toys are aiming to tear it apart.

And have somewhat succeeded.

Burger #228 – Puzzle Pieces

Piece it together…

Do you like putting together jigsaw puzzles?  If not, just create your own image out the pieces like this burger and be done with it. If you do really want a burger puzzle though, there’s this crazy one from Amazon.  ([])