Skull Appreciation Day

Today, June 4th, is the first annual Skull Appreciation Day.

Let’s celebrate here by taking a look back at the Burger365 “Skull Burger” with a couple of different photos.

The “Skull Burger” placed in the Top 10 of the Designers Skulls 2010 contest.

Also, be sure to check out the Skull Quilt swatch, which will be on display at Gallery5 in Richmond, Virginia with a bunch of other great skulls.

Burger365 Featured on Make Something 365 Blog

Skull A Day creator Noah Scalin has created another blog and a book documenting the 365 process.  Burger365 was lucky enough to be featured today:

Make sure you check out the blog as well as the book 365: A Daily Creativity Journal.

Thanks Noah!

Burger #99 – Skull

Burger365 X Skull-A-Day

Today’s special burger design is dedicated to Skull-A-Day, the inspiration of this site.  Artist Noah Scalin created a Skull-A-Day for one year and posted the images on his website, as I am doing now with burgers.

Here is my “Skull Burger” – before and after (raw and grilled).

Be sure to check out the Skull-A-Day website and view all the different skull images that Noah came up with.  ([])