Upper Playground Walrus Burger T-Shirt

UP Walrus Burger

If you’re a fan of both walruses and burgers, then this is the shirt for you. The walrus has been used as the mascot for urban art and fashion brand Upper Playground, and this rendition was designed by artist Josh Ellingson. The t-shirt is available on the Upper Playground website:


[Image: Upper Playground]




Burger #81 – Munko

Munko X Everything Burger

David Choe is a Los Angles based visual artist with an interesting style that one could even call deranged.  If you were able to check out his gallery show a few months ago at Lazarides in Beverly Hills, you would probably know what I mean, but his stuff is definitely cool.  In the center of the gallery, was a huge blow up version of one of his creations, a whale like creature called a Munko.

Now, these Munko creatures are being released as vinyl toys.  In honor of this, Upper Playground is holding a contest where one can win a the complete set of figures.   The challenge is to submit a David Choe centric piece of artwork.

Of course I just had to submit a burger themed entry, so I came up with Munko X Everything Burger drawings.

Make sure you check out the contest here: http://www.upperplayground.com/david-choe-munko-contest

and “Tweet” /”Facebook Share” my submission as well: http://www.upperplayground.com/david-choe-munko-contest/munko-x-everything-burger