Burgerang – Video Game

Check out this Burgerang – Mad Burger Attack video game for your mobile device.


The Burger Rebellion has began and only you can stop this madness. Toss special boomerangs to beat all sorts of crazy burgers and protect yourself from this tasty assault. Well, we all knew this day would come — burgers just couldn’t be so delicious at no cost!

Mad sandwiches of all sorts to beat: the CONGA burger, the CHA-CHA-CHA chilli beef, the PSYCHIC veggie steak, the TIPSY meal, the frightening DOUBLE and TRIPLE cheeseburgers and more!

And don’t let the special power-ups slip away! Blow everything up with BOMBS, chill the burgers with ICE FROSTING and give your boomerang a boost with some MUSHROOM magic.



Burger #6 – Pacman

So it was Pacman’s birthday yesterday and Google had a playable doodle on it’s site. Would a burger themed level look something like this?